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    It's the day after my first session of NKT with Sue and was able to walk 2.5 miles pain free. This is after months of burning and other pain in my right leg. Sue did muscle/tendon testing and was able to figure out my left leg was not functioning normally (probably since I broke a toe in my left foot 16 months ago). She did just a little bit of pressing and now I can tell my left leg is now on-line even though I didn't know my left leg was off-line. I'm looking forward to my next session to continue my healing.

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    I just had one of the best massages I've ever had. From the first time Sue put her hands on my shoulders, I felt the reassuring presence that only comes from a skilled professional. I went into her massage room barely able to move my neck and left feeling like I could see the muscles unwinding. I don't do regular massages, but now see why some people do. I recommend Sue to anyone seeking massage or NKT!

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